Castrum Capannoli

The castle of Capannoli, after a long period of subjection to the bishop of Lucca, became a free city under the hegemony of the Republic of Pisa. Suffered the same fate of many other castles in the Era, conquered several times by Pisa and Florence until 1406, a date that marked the end of the Republic of Pisa and the subjugation of many towns and castles to the Florentine dominion.
At the end of the thirteenth century is supposed that the castle was already in ruins, but Capannoli documents from 1420 still speak of the conservation of its walls and is therefore likely that in the fifteenth century was rebuilt.
The Castle today is almost entirely shooting and ended up being converted in part to private homes, in part, was purchased by the city and turned into a school building. A similar fate has been the massive building of the tower of which is still a part owner’s residence, a party has been divided into districts inhabited by some families.