Villa Corsini Valdisonzi

Note: privately owned, the villa is not open.


The Villa Valdisonsi built in the sixteenth century by the family was enlarged Berzighelli the late eighteenth century by Domenico Scotto and embellished.
During the nineteenth century was a beautiful, romantic park with more than 7 hectares by the will of Louise Scotto, Princess Corsini. At the end of the century it was again enlarged by Bellini and Pietro Alessandro Gherardesca.
Unlike other villas crespinesi this is a secluded, hidden from view except the bell tower of the oratory.
The villa has two different facades with an original L-shaped floor plan: the main and oldest watch the hills, the side one looks at the modern garden. The first side has three levels, has a double staircase and a sundial. The second neo-classical façade is articulated on two levels.
The interior is very well maintained, offers large rooms of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with period furnishings, in addition to the room of the Grand Duke. In the park there are buildings in eclectic style, as the chapel, the lemon and the farm.
In the garden are arranged an obelisk in the Egyptian style, faux columns and ruins, and a greenhouse perspective, painted with trompe l’oleil.
In this house, in 1842, Professor Matteucci made the first telegraph transmission experiment in Tuscany.