The Cliffs of Pecorino Volterrane – or Pecorino Pisano – is a raw milk cheese that can be consumed both fresh and seasoned.
Its special aroma and flavor are due to the special processing techniques that provide, at the end of ripening, a further period of aging under ash, under or in freshly harvested wheat grass mowing.

Equally popular is the cheese produced in the territory of Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli.

This is also a soft or semi-hard cheese, made exclusively from whole sheep’s milk and raw.

The milk used comes from sheep breeds (especially the famous Massese) reared in the Park according to the rules of traditional sheep farming.

The use of this enriched milk with hints of wild herbs that grow in abundant pastures and the maturing of wooden planks give the cheese a unique taste, sweeter than the other sheep.