Church of St. Euphrasia

Via dei Mille

The church is desecrated. Recently restored, it houses a university library.

The church, according to ancient tradition, was built in 1124 with the title of SS. Euphrasia and Barbara Cardinal Christopher Malcondime. It was the patronage of the family of San Casciani Griffi and then, in 1691 came under the jurisdiction of the convent of the Order of St. Stephen. Restorations are remembered in the early seventeenth century and in 1717, when the building passed to Teresians Discalced Carmelite Order, who provided to embellish and enlarge. In 1720 the side altars were created during the same period were made of stucco decorations. The work was completed in 1730 and that year the church was reopened for worship. In 1810 the building passed to the Society of the Sacred Stigmata of St. Francis. The building was restored in 1888 thanks to the care of the rector Raphael Torrini.