Castrum Buti

Buti, located on the eastern slopes of the Monti Pisani, has very ancient origins, probably Roman. The first document dates from 841 and Buti concerns the construction of two churches by the monks of the nearby monastery of Santo Stefano in Cintoia. Appeared in the eleventh century as a fortified center features eight castles: Castle of Panipat, Castell’Arso (ignited by Castruccio Castracani), Farneta Castle, Castle of Santo Stefano in Cintoia, Nocco Castel, Castel Tonini, Castel San Giorgio Castle Sant’Agata.
Some of these castles are now extinct or reduced to ruins, others have kept the compactness and the structure of an ancient fortress. Buti over the centuries has been destroyed and rebuilt several times because of power struggles between Pisa, Lucca and Florence