Castle and bell tower
Town Hall Square, 1 Lajatico

The structure of the ancient castle walls is reminiscent of a medieval settlement and is located in the upper part of the country. The facade has an entrance with pointed arch and laterally a stone coat of arms depicting the symbol of the Cross of Pisa. Top right is placed the stone lion with a lily of Firenze.Sotto the front door is surrounded by six coats of a mullioned window, of which only one still visible, depicting an eagle, probably a family crest Gotti Lega.Nel small entrance hall, there are some scenes in stone regarding the battle between Pisa and Firenze.A right is the bell tower is characterized by a mullioned window and a square steel structure that holds a bell.
The castle was sold to the Florentine Pietro Gaetani in 1405 and was destroyed by the same Florentine troops in 1435 to defeat the Maritime Republic of Pisa.